Creating art is a way to access my intuition while being in alignment with the divine source of all creation. When fully immersed in the art-making process, I am deep within myself, present, and united in mind, body, and spirit; I am connected to all that is. At the heart of my work is presence, purity, and truth.

I have always had a heightened sensitivity to our natural world and an interest in cosmology. This has proven fundamental to my artistic development, as ideas take root. I have recently been led to explore subjects of materiality, ephemerality, and the interconnectedness of all life.

My process involves producing several distinct, analogous bodies of work, each consisting of specific combinations of materials. I apply media to surface, arranging and manipulating the composition to create a certain ambience of biomorphic shapes, color, and subtle surface physicality. I work methodically, guided by intuition and experiential knowledge. New environments - before, seen only in the mind - are called into existence, now visualized in a two-dimensional format. A work is complete when a concise and deceptively complex synergy is formed amid the material and the intangible.

I think of my paintings, drawings, and collages as meditations – both for me during the act of creating, and for the viewer. I invite the eye to linger long enough so that the mind may become quiet, open, and receptive. To understand my art, all that is needed is that which the viewer is willing to bring to the experience.

- Stephanie Hoff Clayton, 2019

Stephanie Hoff Clayton