Using paint and drawing media is a way for me to establish a personal sense of order in a physical world laden with disorder and chaos. I investigate themes that deal with contrast, duality, obscurity, and, ultimately, the structure and synthesis of things seen and unseen. From my investigations, relationships are created from geometric forms, color fields and gestural configurations.

A project begins with anything of interest: juxtapositions of shape, line or texture in a variety of settings, both man-made and natural. I use such visual images as starting points for the work. I imagine these juxtapositions in an altered context, a created reality in a two dimensional format.

I draw and paint methodically, guided by my intuition and its connections to experiences, places and time. A work is complete when a concise and deceptively complex synergy emerges amid material, emotion, visual recall and contemplative thought.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton